About Art and me…..

Art Angels is a charity for children to learn art, receive art supplies and have a Developmental creative art  lesson. I try to give supplies to teachers, schools in low-income areas, or children directly through agencies, hospitals , or churches. I started my charity in 2014 because so many children didn’t know anything about art and the children I saw in school were  becoming less and less creative. It is becoming a more and more SPECIAL program for children, and less available to all children.  It IS  very important  children  get visualization  training and creative thinking early to stimulate early creative brain development. Creative awareness is also an early determinate for problem solving with creative thinking.

If you’re interested in donating to my charity I am a 501(c) (3) email me at robinpatch@att.net for questions. I serve southern Arizona and the greater Tucson area.  I studied at Parson in New York, and The University  of Arizona.  I have taught preschool, studio art, developed school Masters of art programs,  and designed emergent  creative art programs for the young learner.

Art teaches more than drawing, it teaches the child about our world. How you SEE is everything!

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